PreSTIGE Analysis
PreSTIGE Analysis Predicting Specific Tissue Interactions of Genes and Enhancers
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HbVar Human Hemoglobin Variants and Thalassemias
GenomeSpace import from file browser
Text Manipulation
Add column to an existing dataset
Compute an expression on every row
Concatenate datasets tail-to-head
Cut columns from a table
Merge Columns together
Convert delimiters to TAB
Create single interval as a new dataset
Change Case of selected columns
Paste two files side by side
Remove beginning of a file
Select random lines from a file
Select first lines from a dataset
Select last lines from a dataset
Trim leading or trailing characters
Filter on ambiguities in polymorphism datasets
Filter and Sort
Filter data on any column using simple expressions
Sort data in ascending or descending order
Select lines that match an expression
Join, Subtract and Group
Join two Datasets side by side on a specified field
Compare two Datasets to find common or distinct rows
Subtract Whole Dataset from another dataset
Group data by a column and perform aggregate operation on other columns.
Convert Formats
AXT to concatenated FASTA Converts an AXT formatted file to a concatenated FASTA alignment
AXT to FASTA Converts an AXT formatted file to FASTA format
AXT to LAV Converts an AXT formatted file to LAV format
BED-to-GFF converter
FASTA-to-Tabular converter
GFF-to-BED converter
LAV to BED Converts a LAV formatted file to BED format
Maf to BED Converts a MAF formatted file to the BED format
MAF to Interval Converts a MAF formatted file to the Interval format
MAF to FASTA Converts a MAF formatted file to FASTA format
Tabular-to-FASTA converts tabular file to FASTA format
FASTQ to FASTA converter
Wiggle-to-Interval converter
GTF-to-BEDGraph converter
Wig-to-bigWig converter
BED-to-bigBed converter
Operate on Genomic Intervals
Intersect the intervals of two datasets
Subtract the intervals of two datasets
Merge the overlapping intervals of a dataset
Concatenate two datasets into one dataset
Base Coverage of all intervals
Coverage of a set of intervals on second set of intervals
Complement intervals of a dataset
Cluster the intervals of a dataset
Join the intervals of two datasets side-by-side
Get flanks returns flanking region/s for every gene
Profile Annotations for a set of genomic intervals
Peak Calling
MACS Model-based Analysis of ChIP-Seq
Operations on Wig Files
Cistrome's wig tool for reformatting and sorting wiggle tracks